Nathan Finn at his finest…

Nathan Finn, Southeastern Seminary’s archivist and a doctoral candidate in church history, has posted recently on his blog an assessment of what ails the SBC with which my soul resonates. Over the next several days, Finn will be addressing his observational critiques in greater detail. Be sure to check out his blog. Southern Baptists have a better shot at intellectual honesty and ecclesial integrity with men like Finn warming up in the seminary bullpen.

One thought on “Nathan Finn at his finest…

  1. I was directed to Nathan Finn’s site by another blogger. As I was reading it, I wondered if Nathan had been listening to conversations I’ve had with one of my best college friends when we were sitting in a restaurant booth somewhere, his thoughts were so similar. We used to think we were the only ones who thought things like that, everyone else in the ministerial association seemed to be such loyal Southern Baptists.

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