Crack me up…

I called Wade Burleson this afternoon to read to him a post by some guy who calls himself “Evangelical Orthodoxy.”  Wade, he claims, is the “pope” of a movement within the SBC.  I am, he insists, a Baptist version of Cardinal Ratzinger.  While not everything he says is flattering — if anything — we both laughed our guts out while reading what he said about us.

I love people with a good sense of humor…even if they disagree.

Evangelical Orthodoxy, whoever you are, thanks for the laugh.  You crack me up.

2 thoughts on “Crack me up…

  1. I’m enjoying all these post and learning a lot.
    However, I couldn’t resist posting on this one.
    Why why why do people take the trouble to set up a blog and post anonymously?
    Just how Orthodox can one be and remain Anonymous? Or for that matter, how Evangelical?
    I suppose as much as he can with no recourse. I think anonymous denotes opinions that are undefinable, vague and have an unclear meaning. Seems that’s pretty much what he said (or didn’t say)
    I prefer to let your be yes be yes and your no be no but my goodness put your name by it at least I can respect your dissent. Just my opinion, I’m old enough to have one :)

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