Timmy Brister on “A Baptist and his Stock Portfolio.”

Go read Timmy Brister’s post on the issue of inconsistency in Southern Baptist investments. I don’t have a problem with SWBTS investing its endowment in Coors Brewing Company. Everybody knows that the Coors family are staunch Republicans, and fellow members of the Council for National Policy with SWBTS President Paige Patterson, as well as two other SWBTS trustees.

But, like Timmy Brister, I have a hard time seeing how such investments can be intepreted as anything other than supporting the “manufacturing, advertising, distribution, or consumption of alcoholic beverages.”

It’s a good thing that SWBTS will make the $90 million transfer of portable funds on October 30, just in time for Jerry Vines’ sermon on “A Baptist and His Booze” at FBC Woodstock.