On the matter of chattel . . .


Take ye the spoil of silver, take the spoil of gold: for there is none end of the store and glory out of all the pleasant furniture. — Nahum 2:9

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary trustees have reportedly changed the locks, and seminary employees now face the daunting task of cataloguing the inventory of the presidential home, Pecan Manor, and the personal residence and archives of Paige and Dorothy Patterson. Email and campus server access for the former president and First Lady Emerita have been restricted.

This is both wise and proper.

When Paige and Dorothy Patterson left Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in the summer of 2003, the seminary’s presidential home, Magnolia Hill, was empty. When incoming SEBTS President Danny Akin arrived, the seminary had to spend nearly $140,000.00 to replace furniture, furnishings, and decorations the Patterson’s took with them to Fort Worth. At the time, reports were spreading like wildfire across the Wake Forest campus. Not only had several cars been taken to Fort Worth, as well as taxidermy paid for with seminary funds, but files had been stolen under cover of darkness by Dorothy Patterson’s personal aide. Some even reported that the hardware on Magnolia Hill’s cabinetry had been removed, in addition to seminary-purchased table settings.

Southwestern Seminary is in trouble. The trustees have acted prudently to contain the damage to the seminary’s reputation and its real property assets.  Knowing the Pattersonian penchant to plunder, the only way to ensure that seminary property is not improperly taken by the Pattersons or their aides is to lock the place down.

Nobody in. Nobody out.

At least not without the written permission of Interim President Jeffrey Bingham and only then under strict supervision.

The Pattersons have a well-documented history of confusing corporate property and personal property. It’s understandable. The popes had a tough time with that too back in the 14th century. But we digress.

In a strange twist of events, Southwestern Seminary’s erstwhile First Couple has come to resemble another First Couple.

To view some of the evidence The Baptist Blogger has documenting costs to replace, refurbish, and repair Magnolia Hill click here and here.


One thought on “On the matter of chattel . . .

  1. What’s with the 21.2% tax rate on the Parlor Treasures invoices to Akin? There is no city with a sales tax rate that high.

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