7 thoughts on “The chart that says it all

  1. Please remind us why the previous President was relieved of his duties. If for nothing else but declining enrollment why was Mr, Patterson not relieved of his duties at this Seminary years ago.

      1. Same number as graduated today. Today’s number, however, includes undergrads. Typically May graduations are much larger than December.

  2. Having recently been connected with SWBTS, I can attest that graduation numbers (MDIV, MACE, etc.) are WAY down. Once the best school of Christian Education in the SBC that typically graduated hundreds with MACE-related degrees every semester, SWBTS (under Patterson) now graduates between 10 and 20 per semester. Under the current administration, the School of Educational Ministries has essentially disappeared. The MA in Theological Studies (36 hour degree) now eclipses the MDIV in graduate numbers per semester, especially now that the MDIV have increased, including a third semester of OT, NT, and Systematic Theology.

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