Legitimate Rape vs. Serious Abuse

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When asked about abortion in the instance of rape, former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin had this to say:

Todd Akin: “Well, you know, people always want to make it one of those things of how do you sort of slice this particularly tough ethical question. It seems to be, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, it’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

When asked about women who are abused by their husbands, current Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson had this to say:

Paige Patterson: It depends on the level of abuse to some degree.  I have never in my ministry counseled that anybody seek a divorce, and I do think that’s always wrong counsel.  There have been, however, an occasion or two when the level of the abuse was serious enough, dangerous enough, immoral enough that I have counseled temporary separation and the seeking of help.  I would urge you to understand that that should happen only in the most serious of cases. . . More often, when you face abuse, it is of a less serious variety.

Question: What would have happened to Todd Akin if he’d answered the same question Paige Patterson was asked, and responded in the same way?

Answer: He would be preaching the SBC Convention sermon in Dallas this summer, and probably chairing Steve Gaines’ Evangelism Task Force.


14 thoughts on “Legitimate Rape vs. Serious Abuse

  1. Jonathan Merritt got a hold of this & tweeted it. It’s blowing up on Twitter. Praying it will finally put pressure on the SWBTS Trustees to do what they should have done 10+ years ago: Fire Paige Patterson.

    1. That’s not really pertinent information, is it? He said it, he doesn’t deny saying it, and he stands by it. There’s zero context that could excuse it.

  2. Do you know when this recording was from? (Not that it changes the outrage at all, but I’m wondering if it will be dismissed as comments made “a long time ago” or if he’ll have to give some kind of response because they’re more recent).

  3. I seen men murder their wife and Baptist church cover it up by accusing gay guy of murder, .This is a Muslim teaching ok to beat their wife, against American law, Bible statement wife is help meek not slave, this is why I hate religion, because Baptist religious people is curl if person do not except their religion.,

  4. 1. Has any person, who he has counseled ever sue him, for wrongful counseling? 2. No where does he say that he favors abuse, nor does he say that he would favor women to get abused. He does say there are levels of abuse. Because the levels of abuse and the desire for reconciliation from both parties, he implies they stay together and work it out. But , if the abuse is so severe, they separate. Why would a women seek counsel , if she seeks divorce?
    If a husband can not control himself, there really is no other choice for the wife but to seek divorce. No where does the bible read that the wife is to be a punching bag……

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