7 thoughts on “Who’s a good boy?

  1. Ben,

    I have one KELVAR (bullet-proof) vest small enough to fit you. I am sending it to you, “overnite.” You are going to need it.


  2. It’d help me if I knew who those folks were, but I do know the one in the upper right hand corner is noted for loyalty. May I assume he’s the minority in the picture, for reasons not involving color?

  3. Bob:

    They are, clockwise from the upper left corner:

    T. Van McClain, SWBTS Trustee Chairman
    David Allen, SWBTS Theology Dean
    Noche, SWBTS special assistant in charge of lawn fertilization.
    Emir Caner, College at Southwestern Dean
    Malcolm Yarnell, Assoc. Dean, Theol. Studies Division, SWBTS
    Craig Blaising, Provost and Academic Veep, SWBTS

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