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Hemphill“Southwestern is today one of the world’s largest schools for graduate theological training. In 1998-99, a total of 4,145 students from 46 foreign countries, 42 states, and the District of Columbia came to study in the Schools of Theology, Educational Ministries, and Church Music. Last fall the largest number of international students ever enrolled in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While 96 percent of Southwestern’s students are Southern Baptist, students from 44 other denominations are also enrolled. Since 1908, over 62,164 men and women have been students of Southwestern and have gone out to contribute immeasurably to the life and mission of Southern Baptists. Southwestern’s faculty consists of 87 elected faculty and 99 supplemental instructors.” — Ken Hemphill, 2000 SBC SWBTS Report

CowboyWe don’t have as many students as I wish we had, and yet I remember the 7th Chapter of the Book of Judges. I remember that God said to Gideon, ‘We have to get it down to the ones who will make a difference.’ — Paige Patterson, video report to the SBC Executive Committee, 2017


“I’m currently present of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but I have my eyes set on something that makes a lot more money.” — Paige Patterson, video report to the SBC Executive Committee, 2016