3 thoughts on “Here we go . . .

  1. Interesting that our message for the world is that the SBC is committed to the Gospel above all. I’d think our message for those around would be the Gospel itself.

    Rather than telling the world how great the SBC is …

  2. Any news on the forensic financial audits of SWBTS books? Looks like Patterson’s Sandy Creek Foundation is out spending $$$$ traveling around the globe and launching websites…. and Candi Finch -formerly with SWBTS seems to be working for D. Patterson again. They are sure doing heavy PR on twitter…
    We SBC people need to know where all that private foundation money came from? Did any of SWBTS endowment or other funds find its way into Patterson’s private foundation?
    If this were suspected in the secular marketplace, it would be immediately investigated thoroughly and embezzlers or wrongdoers would be prosecuted.
    Surely the church-the body of Christ- should be more concerned with righteousness than the world!

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