Thoughts on Trinity


This morning, our thoughts have turned to Trinity Baptist Church in Ashburn, Ga. Last night, we spent some time looking through the pictures and postings on the church’s Facebook page. There are images of Valentine’s Banquets, food drives, and renovations of their worship space. There are Christmas celebrations, and New Years greetings and postings about an upcoming fish fry.

There are prayer requests for members who have had strokes, and reminders to invite friends to special services. There are calls for workers to help with cleaning out the church refrigerator, and notices about the deaths of longtime church members.

This church — like so many in the Southern Baptist Convention — is probably a place where everyday people who love Jesus have found a fellowship of faith and a gathering of worshippers every Lord’s Day. Most of them have not asked for the national attention they are receiving. Many of them had no idea what was going on. Some of them will probably stay home this morning. Some of them may never return to church again.

Over the next weeks, a remnant of them will come together and try to put back together the pieces of a scandalized ministry. They will probably cry together, and hug one another, and turn their trust toward the Lord. They will covenant together to do everything they can so that their church is a safe place for children. And hopefully, out of the ashes of failure something beautiful can emerge.

Southern Baptists are a broken people. But they are not a bad people.

And when given the chance to do the right thing, more often than not they will try.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Trinity

  1. I hope the “leadership” of the SBC realizes that they have helped, if not outright caused, the spiritual climate which helped bring about the mess we see now. Of course, I also hope to win the lottery, despite the fact that I never enter it.

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