PREVIEW: Gnashville, Part II


Later today (2/28/19), The Baptist Blogger will publish the second and final installment of our two-part series on the Feb. 18-19 meeting of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention. In this post, we will examine the doctrine of church autonomy in light of recent challenges and offer a more compelling proposal for addressing the sex abuse scandal than the hasty and poorly-conceived constitutional amendment passed by committee trustees in this month’s ramshackle meeting in (G)nashville.

UPDATE 2.28.19 @ 4:40 PM ET: We’ve received a phone call that disclosed information pertinent to our planned post.  Stay tuned for the updated version, likely tomorrow morning (Fri. 3/1/19).

3 thoughts on “PREVIEW: Gnashville, Part II

  1. Ben, I’ve been following this guy ever since you tweeted him a few weeks ago and I’m becoming more and more convinced this is the next story that the SBC is going to have to address after the sexual abuse matter begins to be addressed at this year’s meeting. We’re talking about all these retirements affected here by what sounds like bad management.

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