BREAKING: SWBTS poised to elect Dr. Adam Greenway as ninth president


Dr. Adam Greenway, dean of the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Missions, and Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and current chairman of the SBC Committee on Order of Business, has been recommended to the board of trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to serve as the school’s ninth president. The trustees have been summoned to the Fort Worth campus on Feb. 26-27 to vote on Greenway’s nomination. If elected, Greenway, 41, will become the youngest president in the school’s history.

Greenway, a native Floridian, is a 1998 graduate of Samford University in Birmingham, Ala. He received his masters of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2002) and a doctorate of philosophy from Southern (2007). He also holds a masters in nonprofit administration from the University of Notre Dame and is a certified parliamentarian.

At 33, Greenway became the youngest president in the history of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. He served as a trustee of Lifeway Christian Resources, including two terms as chairman. Last year, Greenway led the SBC Evangelism Task Force after the resignation of Paige Patterson from the committee. Patterson was terminated by Southwestern trustees on May 30, 2018.

In 2003, Greenway married the former Carla Peppers, an Atlanta native. They have two children, Wade (9) and Caroline (3). The Greenways will live on campus in the seminary’s presidential home.

Watch Greenway’s sermon, entitled “A Full Gospel Ministry,” preached at Southern Seminary’s 2013 Heritage Week:


14 thoughts on “BREAKING: SWBTS poised to elect Dr. Adam Greenway as ninth president

  1. Carla and I are deeply humbled and honored by the invitation of the Presidential Search Committee to be considered to ‘come home’ to Southwestern Seminary,” Greenway said. “From the time I first enrolled as a student there now 20 years ago this year, my life has been indelibly impacted by Southwestern. I was blessed to study under a faculty that included Roy Fish, Malcolm McDow, James Leo Garrett, Bill Tolar, Curtis Vaughn, and more—some of the greatest professors ever to teach at any SBC seminary.

    This was the most encouraging paragraph of them all.

    1. Having been blessed to have studied under every single one of those professors, I would agree that is a very encouraging paragraph. I do not know this particular individual, but I will be praying for him regularly. The clean-up and restoration job that he faces has the potential to get ugly, and the way the SBC still continues to do business has the potential to make that a very discouraging situation. Loyalties of trustees must be turned to the Lord and to the good of the school, and away from denominational “politics” and the favor-granting, influence peddling that is so much a part of Southern Baptist life and identity. I hope the commitment to hire him is also a commitment to support him.

  2. I do not know the good brother. Have a grandson who took evangelism from him at Southern.

    What I would desire is Southwestern to be Southwestern again. I had a awesome fours there. I received a great blessing from all of my prof”s. I also desire for Southwestern to be the standard bearer again. I do not want us to follow any others lead … I desire that we follow our Lord.

    Rebuilding takes time. Remodeling is messy.

    The key to the rebuild is a leader who and serves the Lord with his all.


  3. I just found out that Greenway will be bringing Randy Stinson with him as Provost. Randy was past president of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. So, some things will not change . . .

    1. That is not a good sign. It would seem to indicate a continuation of the flawed patriarchal system which denigrates and marginalizes women in ministry.

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