BREAKING: SWBTS to hold special called board meeting


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Board of Trustees will hold a special called board meeting on Feb. 26-27, 2019, for the purpose of voting on a final candidate to become the 9th president of the Fort Worth seminary. The candidate’s name is currently being withheld by the trustee search committee but will be disclosed next week.

The Baptist Blogger is considering whether to purchase a copy of this book as our celebratory gift to every member of the SWBTS faculty and staff.

Developing . . .

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: SWBTS to hold special called board meeting

  1. I pray it won’t be a “reward job” for a SBC company man but an academic leader who is a consensus builder. I pray he is a man who walks humbly and full of grace. No more “Art of War” presidents ever again.

  2. It needs to be a visionary that can define the future of SWBTS in tangible ways ie as a destination for foreign ministry as well as US.

    I am much less interested in a PHD for the position than someone who thinks out of the box

    There is 1 candidate that I know of that does not fit the typical SBC profile but exceeds them w business acumen and credentials. I know of 1 other person who is also a candidate but none others

    This person also needs to be a major consesus builder as well. There has been enough estrangement

    1. I don’t know for sure about that “think[ing] outside the box.” It seems to me we have had a great big dose of thinking “outside the box” for the past many years. Maybe we need someone who’ll think “INSIDE the box.” again. I mean the box of what historically made Southwestern great.

  3. I hope they get it right. They’ve got one chance to get it right. If they don’t get it right, SWBTS is toast.

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