Tea Time with Dottie P: Episode 6

Yes, dear readers, our popular series “Tea Time with Dottie P” is back in syndication, and today’s episode takes us back to 1988 and the report of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Peace Committee. We also get to listen while Paige Patterson is cautioned “not to withhold information” by Southwestern Seminary’s former First Lady Emerita, and our program hostess.

Ever wonder what guided the strategy and thinking of some leaders of the conservative resurgence? Listen in, and learn.

P.S. — The indignity of having to find a typewriter in a pinch must have been humiliating. Of course, a typewriter can be found easily when you need to prepare a codicil to a donor’s will. 

NOTE: Audio recording(s) retrieved from SWBTS Libraries and used with permission.

4 thoughts on “Tea Time with Dottie P: Episode 6

  1. It is interesting this master of all things homemaking and submissive wives was so incredibly critical and disrespectful of her husband in this audio. Interesting Patterson’s “bible” for his ruthless political operations in the SBC was the “Art of War.” He brought so much division, power trips, conflict and disregard on the SBC which will last for decades mores.

  2. The Patterson obsession with accumulating worldly wealth, through deceit, manipulation, or “persuasion” fits the description of what is known as a “confidence man” or, in the vernacular: a con-man (woman). The long pattern of using various SBC institutions’ or donors’ funds for personal use is wrong. This is truth.
    Yes, action needs to be taken now to recover any such funds embezzled from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and moved to the Patterson’s private foundation. This should be done immediately to save the school, as well the reputation of the SWBTS and SBC leadership as God-fearing people of the highest integrity.
    Almighty God is the all-righteous judge and will hold Paige and Dorothy Patterson accountable, as well as any other person who participates in defrauding others. He knows the thoughts ans intentions of each heart. God will also bring ultimate judgement on those who are false Christians, claiming the faith of Christ, even working “in ministry” for personal gain.
    Jesus taught a simple way of life-giving away an extra cloak to meet the need of others. He loved unconditionally, and did not “seek his own”. He was and is our example of agape Love as described in 1 Corinthians 13.

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