BREAKING: Midwestern now second largest SBC seminary

The Executive Committee has published the 2019 SBC Entity Ministry reports. Lots of information (including the $4 million endowment market gain at SWBTS) in the reports.  For now, we only congratulate MWBTS for its accomplishment, and express hope that SWBTS has stopped the enrollment decline. NOBTS needs help. Gateway is recovering after a campus relocation. Southern still takes the triple crown (FTEs, CP$s, and total headcount).

Also, each entity reports on their action plan to prevent sexual abuse.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 6.11.44 pm

Check out the reports here.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Midwestern now second largest SBC seminary

  1. They’ve come a long way. Midwestern was a seminary that struggled for most of its existence. Location was always thought to be a problem, at a further distance from the Baptist colleges and churches in the south that provided most of the students for the other schools, the few times I have been on the campus there, the facilities were run-down and threadbare and it didn’t seem to have a lot to offer. Good for them.

  2. It seems that the topic of this post demonstrates several worthwhile things, none of which seem to have been evident a few miles SW of there…

  3. I have been on Midwestern’s Campus a couple times in the past five years and the campus is beautiful and has been updated. Not on par with Southern, where I am an alumni, but it is modern and well kept as well. Also, the idea of being a seminary for the church has attracted many faculty and students. I have considered doing some doctoral work there but as of know not enough time. But it is exciting times for Midwestern.

  4. Do these FTE numbers include or exclude undergraduate students? The question is significant both for historical comparisons and institution by institution comparisons.

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