BREAKING: Midwestern now second largest SBC seminary

The Executive Committee has published the 2019 SBC Entity Ministry reports. Lots of information (including the $4 million endowment market gain at SWBTS) in the reports.  For now, we only congratulate MWBTS for its accomplishment, and express hope that SWBTS has stopped the enrollment decline. NOBTS needs help. Gateway is recovering after a campus relocation. Southern still takes the triple crown (FTEs, CP$s, and total headcount).

Also, each entity reports on their action plan to prevent sexual abuse.

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 6.11.44 pm

Check out the reports here.

Tea Time with Dottie P: Episode 6

Yes, dear readers, our popular series “Tea Time with Dottie P” is back in syndication, and today’s episode takes us back to 1988 and the report of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Peace Committee. We also get to listen while Paige Patterson is cautioned “not to withhold information” by Southwestern Seminary’s former First Lady Emerita, and our program hostess.

Ever wonder what guided the strategy and thinking of some leaders of the conservative resurgence? Listen in, and learn.

P.S. — The indignity of having to find a typewriter in a pinch must have been humiliating. Of course, a typewriter can be found easily when you need to prepare a codicil to a donor’s will. 

NOTE: Audio recording(s) retrieved from SWBTS Libraries and used with permission.