PREVIEW: Million Dollar Digs

screen shot 2019-01-18 at 12.54.15 am

Getting canned by a Southern Baptist entity doesn’t pay what it used to. Apparently, it pays a lot more, especially if you successfully poach institutional donors to underwrite the re-tooled non-profit you and your wife have been running for years. It took us all of about 20 minutes to pull all the public records yesterday, and a little more than $30 in fees to retrieve reports from various county and state government agencies.

This weekend — and no later than Monday because we have other commitments that will demand our full attention early next week — we will publish our analysis and LOTS of links to files, photos, and odd curiosities.

And we’ll likely have some questions to ask.

Stay tuned . . .

(Post-script: That is not a built-in television to the right of the oversized soaking tub. It is a see-through gas-log fireplace that opens on the other side into the master bedroom of a lovely home in North Texas. HT: Ebby Halliday