SWBTS narrowing presidential field…


It’s coming down to the choice between one good candidate and a handful of whammies for the financially-strapped Fort Worth seminary. We’ll handicap the search process tomorrow.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE 1/12/18 @ 1:44 ET: We just didn’t have everything about this post ready for prime-time. We are revising and editing this weekend and promise to publish first thing Monday morning. Apologies for the delay, but threading this needle is a little tricky. Thanks to our readers for your consistent patience. 

4 thoughts on “SWBTS narrowing presidential field…

  1. A silver lining of Patterson’s less than honorable departure is that, presumably, he did not get to hand pick and name his own successor. For years I was concerned that, upon his departure, SWBTS would be destined to years more of the same old same old.

    1. I have had the same concern and if Patterson had been left on campus, he would have caused turmoil second guessing the new president. He would have been the one calling the shots behind the scenes. He definitely does not possess the humility to quietly submit to the new president and support his new direction.

  2. As an alumnus of SWBTS, I saw Patterson’s financial mismanagement and excess up close and personal. He ran Southwestern Seminary into the ground, like it was his personal piggy bank which he plundered at will.

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