PREVIEW: Which way Lifeway?


Tomorrow (12/6), The Baptist Blogger will publish our considerations about the future of Lifeway Christian Resources and the burden of leadership the search committee must carry as it seeks a new chief executive to guide the Southern Baptist Convention’s nearly half billion-dollar per year publishing ministry.

Stay tuned . . .

UPDATE 12/6/18: Delayed till tomorrow due to unexpected schedule changes.

6 thoughts on “PREVIEW: Which way Lifeway?

  1. I have heard Lifeway referred to in terms of being a kind of SBC “Vatican”…I would encourage The future of Lifeway to be one which is more inclusive of the broader body of Christ. Publishing not just those who “toe the popular Conservative party line”, but authors who are Christians in every way, but not necessarily Baptist, let’s not forget such great Christian authors as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R, Tolkien (to name just two) by whom we have been very posiively influenced and by whom generations of Jesus followers are still daily blest. I doubt Lifeway would not have published them in the CR/Patterson years. What do you think?

  2. In all fairness, its a tough position. You must maintain profitability whole appealing to Cals, Arms, Landmarkers, Charismatics vs Non, Traditionalists etc

    Very tough spot

  3. In my opinion, the typical megachurch pastor would be in way over his head if tasked with carrying on the work Dr. Rainer started. Hopefully they will consider some solidly Baptist CEOs in the secular world who have experience leading a similar organization.

    1. I don’t know if there is an actual “similar organization” in all of Christendom or in all of America for that matter.

      BTW, one reason I am responding to you is to verify that “you” are not “me.”

  4. Can we get a Lifeway that doesn’t pull a hip-hop artist off the shelves just because he used the word “penis” once in his lyrics, please? That still bothers me.

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