Ya’ll come back now . . .


Dear esteemed faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary:

Tell your friends, family, secretaries and students to come back to the Baptist Blogger tonight at 6PM ET. We will be releasing copies of a most revealing document we discovered this week in Nashville, TN. The document relates directly to your calling as a scholar and the support of the institution you serve.

You won’t want to miss this.  Trust us.

Until he comes,

The Baptist Blogger

2 thoughts on “Ya’ll come back now . . .

  1. Just a thought. Might you consider mentioning the staff at Southwestern sometime as well as the faculty. There are many full-time staff at the school who work just as hard and tirelessly as many of the faculty. There are full-time staff who have served the school faithfully for 20-30+ years ensuring that the infrastructure is clean and safe for all on the campus. In fact, several of the full-time staff have their Masters degrees from seminary. Some are also pastoring churches. Many see their calling at the school as being that of walking alongside the part-time student workers mentoring them on a daily basis. They teach them Scripture and have meaningful personal discussions with them, all while doing their jobs; jobs, by the way, that pay about half of what they could earn elsewhere. However, these men and women see what they do as being a vital part of the education of those whom God has placed in their site of influence and who are going to impact the larger world for Christ. The things that Dr Patterson did at the school not only impacted the faculty but all of the employees. So, I think it would be beneficial to, once in a while, consider those who labor behind the scenes to keep Southwestern safe, comfortable, and healthy.

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