BREAKING: Dorothy’s fraudulent fragments


We haven’t heard much from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Or the TEXAN, for that matter) about the school’s Dead Sea Scrolls that promised to help former trustee Gary Loveless gain recognition in heaven.  We do know their publicity campaign and exhibition lost the school lots of money . . . up to $5 million by some estimates. We also know that Southwestern Seminary has lost both of its Dead Sea Scroll authenticators and one of the exhibit’s directors in recent months

And we have interviewed both current and former Southwestern faculty and staff about the seminary’s much-touted Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit, all of whom have raised additional concerns about the problematic provenance of the Patterson papyri.

(A little alliteration, anyone?)

Today, we learn that another major purchaser of recent Dead Sea Scrolls has announced their fragments are frauds. Will Southwestern report anything about the Patterson papyri and the loss the seminary incurred from this vanity project?

Where are the Southwestern scraps today?  Is any reputable scholar or independent third party expert analyzing them? Why has the seminary shut down the website dedicated to the scrolls?

Can we no longer “see the scrolls?” Will we ever get to see them again?

Will Mr. Loveless be recognized in heaven anymore?

And one observation:  At least the Greens spent their own money and not somebody else’s on the Fake Sea Scrolls. And Hobby Lobby didn’t stop paying employee retirement benefits to cover the cost either.


Developing . . .