Si Deus vult … non flumen inundans


The Baptist Blogger has been typing with the speed of ten thousand Arabian horses and/or one frog: emails, letters, chapter outlines, transcriptions, essays, diaries, on top of our client work. Nevertheless, as best we are able, we will publish the following over the course of the next week:

  1. Reflections on a visit to the campus of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  2. The contents of these packages (within 24 hours of their confirmed delivery)
  3. Why we now oppose the publication of SBC executive salaries, with a caveat
  4. What we can learn from Dr. Wayne Ward about family, faith, and freedom
  5. A letter to the Council on Seminary Presidents

God willing . . . and the creek don’t rise.

In the meantime, enjoy some light reading from our archives:

I think I could live with a Deist version of Paige Patterson, an architect or a clockmaker if you will, who wound up the conservative resurgence and then stepped back and let it run by itself. Instead, Southern Baptists have been left with an unmoved mover, an unseen hand, whose capricious tinkering has left the convention unable to define words like “autonomy,” “priesthood,” “competence,” and “liberty” in ways that our Baptist forebears would recognize.

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