Mini hat tossed . . .

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Miss Finch’s faculty page has been removed from the seminary website.

Also, The Baptist Blogger has confirmed that B&H Academic, a division of Lifeway Christian Resources, recently cancelled a book contract with Miss Finch. She was originally under contract to write on the subject of spiritual formation for a series on Baptist theology.

The series was to be co-edited by Paige Patterson. Both Patterson’s book on evangelism and another volume by Richard Land in the same series have been cancelled.

6 thoughts on “Mini hat tossed . . .

  1. I spoke to Finch one time and was not convinced of her scholarship but she was a very loyal follower of the Patterson’s which is all that matters to Paige and Dorothy. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of how much money was mismanaged at SWBTS under Paige’s watch.

  2. Glad to see she hopefully lost her position. You do not cheer the illegal and unethical disclosure of private student records by the Colters on Twitter of rape victims and keep your academic position. Sickening she has kept her position this long.

  3. Dear Baptist Blogger,

    The fact is this blog has been a devastating agent for change in the Southern Baptist Convention. As a graduate of SWBTS, I am greatly sickened by all the Patterson and his cronies have done to almost destroy my seminary Alma Mater. This blog has become the equivalent of a 21st century version of “Gutenberg’s printing press” that rapidly spreads repressed information throughout the SBC. Without you and this blog, Patterson would probably still be shooting squirrels on the campus as the despot-in-Chief- at Pecan Manor. Please keep the heat on SWBTS to reveal the financial
    mismanagement at our seminary, for I am afraid you are only scratching the surface of how deep the graft and corruption rabbit hole may be.

  4. Sad to me is how young Ms Finch and the Colters are and how they tied their “sails” to 76 year old Paige Patterson’s last war. He is near the end of his endless wars against the world and anyone in his way. One day in the near future, they will regret burning all of these bridges.

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