The Pressler Letter


It is now reported that the five of the eight claims against retired Texas Appellate Court Judge H. Paul Pressler has been dismissed by a Houston judge.  For this, we are most glad.  Just before Christmas of last year, the following letter was sent to Judge Pressler at his home in Houston, TX.  We publish it without further comment.


December 15, 2017

The Honorable Paul Pressler
5118 Holly Terrace Drive
Houston, TX 77056

Dear Paul:

For several weeks, I have considered writing you this letter. Weighing my respect for you and our 21 years of friendship against the demands of my own personal and professional commitments and desire for privacy has required substantial reflection on my part.  I have determined that this letter is appropriate, fully aware of how you may choose to use it in the future.

Over the past 21 years, I have been a guest in your home on at least five separate occasions.  I have been your guest at Southern Baptist Conventions in New Orleans (1996), Dallas (1997), Salt Lake City (1998), and Atlanta (1999). I have also been your guest at meetings of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. At each of these conventions and at your expense, I have either stayed in a hotel room adjoining yours or nearby yours in the same hotel.  I have also been your guest at two meetings of the Council for National Policy: one in Naples, Florida and another in San Antonio, TX in the late 1990s. On one other occasion, I shared a hotel room with you in Richmond, VA, during a meeting of the International Mission Board trustees.  I have also been your guest at the University Club of Houston and the Houston Country Club.

At no time during any of these shared trips, visits to your home, or meetings have I ever been placed in an uncomfortable situation, nor have you ever made any inappropriate comment to me.  You have been a gracious host, kind encourager, and Christian gentleman on every single occasion. The recent public allegations about your conduct with others bear no resemblance whatsoever to my own experience.

You have not asked me for this letter, and I am sending it at no person’s instruction. I hope it provides some benefit and encouragement to you in the coming days.

CC:Mr. Ted Tredennick
6363 Woodway, Suite 965
Houston, TX 77057

Southeastern makes history with first female chairperson, historic enrollment growth


The Board of Trustees for Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary gathered in Wake Forest, NC, this week for their biennial meeting. For the first time in convention history, a female chairperson presided over the trustee sessions.

Noting what he called the “single-largest leap in one particular year that we’ve ever had,” SEBTS President Danny Akin reported seminary enrollment has risen to more than 4,200 students.

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Midwestern dedicates new student center; trustees hear updates on enrollment, accreditation

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.34.28 PM

Southwestern Seminary lost two professors this week: one was terminated, the other was elected unanimously to the faculty of Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, MO. Professor Dale Johnson comes to the school as the administration “evaluates the direction” of its counseling program.

The seminary president, Jason Allen, presided over a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new student center, and trustees heard reports on enrollment growth and the accreditation review process currently underway.

From Midwestern’s press release:

Finally, Allen provided another update to the trustees on the school’s accreditation status – mentioning that a recent visit by a liaison of regional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, went extremely well. He explained that items noted from its most recent site visit were well on their way to being resolved and a future site visit date is set for Feb. 4-5, 2019. Midwestern Seminary is fully accredited by both the Association of Theological Schools and the Higher Learning Commission.

Read more about this week’s trustee meeting at Midwestern here.

Mini hat tossed . . .

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 2.25.04 PM

Miss Finch’s faculty page has been removed from the seminary website.

Also, The Baptist Blogger has confirmed that B&H Academic, a division of Lifeway Christian Resources, recently cancelled a book contract with Miss Finch. She was originally under contract to write on the subject of spiritual formation for a series on Baptist theology.

The series was to be co-edited by Paige Patterson. Both Patterson’s book on evangelism and another volume by Richard Land in the same series have been cancelled.

BREAKING: SWBTS Trustees overwhelmingly ratify Patterson termination


Baptist Press reports there were “4-5 no votes.”  Our sources inform us that additional actions will be taken and/or announced in the plenary session.

UPDATE 10.17.18 @ 11:05 AM ET

The following line comes directly from the SWBTS Catalog:

“Within the seminary community, only those members, individually or collectively, acting in the student’s educational interest or involved with campus safety are allowed access to student educational records.”

UPDATE 10.17.18 @ 12:35 PM ET

Paige and Dorothy Patterson’s favorite journalist supporter has now reported that the ousted seminary president was receiving full salary and benefits as recently as August 2018. She also reports on Patterson’s recent health issues and the absence of any separation agreement with the seminary.

UPDATE 10.17.18 @ 4:56 PM ET

Baptist Press has now published a report on the trustee meeting. That story includes comments by Texas trustee Bart Barber.

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