DEFIANT: Patterson denies wrongdoing, demands seminary return files

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 1.07.09 PMThe Baptist Blogger has confirmed reports this morning that Paige Patterson, distinguished professor of morality and ethics at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC, has sent a letter to Southwestern Seminary trustees denying any wrongdoing and requesting a public apology for his termination following what he calls a “carefully-timed” report in the Washington Post. Additionally, Patterson has demanded the seminary return files to him that have been under lock-and-key subsequent to his dismissal earlier this year.

Meanwhile, a dispute about ownership of the so-called “Patterson files” continues between attorneys representing interested parties.  And the Baptist Blogger continues to uncover information related to the Pattersons’ handling of an alleged abuse case dating to the early 1970s.

Developing . . .

7 thoughts on “DEFIANT: Patterson denies wrongdoing, demands seminary return files

  1. How does this ever end?!?!? How can his sycophant followers not see Patterson for the craven, power hungry ego maniac he is? This just shows his raw lust for power for clearly what it is. It is very sickening.

  2. Self-righteous Pride is surely the deadliest sin, at root of all wickedness. This is bringing more shame to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It causes one to ask
    what difference does it truly make who owns the files? Isn’t access open to researchers and any Southern Baptist?

  3. Makes you wonder about the family of PP. At age 76, are there not anyone in his orbit who could talk sense to him and take away his war making “keys.” Plead with him for his health, his family and his sanity to go quietly with humility and kindness. I thought his last statement … “I am riding off into the setting sun—but with a Bible in my hand and a witness from my heart until He comes for me individually or for us all in the air. ” Does not sounds like he is following it.

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