BREAKING: Charles Kelley announces retirement


Dr. Charles Kelley, president of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, announced his retirement today. He has been president of the seminary since 1996, and he pledges to stay on until July 2019. Trustee Chairman Frank Cox will name a search committee. Developing . . .

(Note: The Baptist Blogger will post our reflections tonight on the legacy of Dr. Charles Kelley.)

One thought on “BREAKING: Charles Kelley announces retirement

  1. I am, as an outsider, unable to make educated comments (har de har har) on his abilities at running a seminary, But I can offer 2 personal observations: First, a good friend, whom I respect, chose NOBTS to attain his doctorate. Second, Dr. Kelley gave one of the finest talks, concerning Gospel conversations, at FBC Pelham, that I’ve ever heard.

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