Dick Land from the hip . . .

Dr. Richard Land, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and current president of Southern Seminary (no, not the one he wanted), appeared on DoveTV’s (whatever that is) webcast earlier this month.  In his back-and-forth with the show’s host, Land talked about everything from Jews and federal judges to Ravi Zacharias and Mark Twain, the Deep State, unemployment, Herbert Hoover and Barack Obama’s subversion of the American electorate. It’s truly a free-wheeling interview with Land swinging for the fences.

Interesting enough, when Land resigned from ERLC, one of his complaints about the job was that he couldn’t be “as outspoken” as he’d liked to have been.

Good thing we don’t have that to worry about anymore. Among the more interesting things Land had to say on DoveTV was this:

“When we have Donald Trump nominated by one major party and Hillary Clinton nominated by the other major party, that’s like holding a mirror up to ourselves. And it tells us that all is not well in America. In fact, if these are the two best people we could have nominated, we need to be concerned.”

So for the three Baptist Blogger readers who care what Richard Land has to say about things, here’s the video:

3 thoughts on “Dick Land from the hip . . .

  1. Speaking of holding up a mirror, I wonder if he’ll ever update his PR photo to reflect what he actually looks like.

  2. I can remember when Land started out in Texas as a spokesman for Governor Clements. His job was to explain to Baptists why they should vote for Clements even though he approved payments to SMU football players and publicly spoke against gambling but privately told legislatures he would support their bills legalizing gambling. He always had a strange view of ethics.

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