BREAKING: Craig Blaising steps down from provost role

George Klein, long time SWBTS professor and a former instructor at The Criswell College will fulfill the responsibilities of provost on an interim basis.


11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Craig Blaising steps down from provost role

    1. These all happened on Blaising’s watch (not to mention enabling the hubris of Paige Patterson):

      Decimation of Counseling Program

      Faculty Required to Sign BFM 2000 (with elements diametrically opposed to things taught at SWBTS 20 years earlier)

      Three Schools to Six

      Precipitous Enrollment Decline

      Termination of Dr. Sherri Klouda

      Home Economics programs

      Opposed Tenure for Dr. Karen Bullock (a most respected faculty member)

  1. I was the SWBTS music dean under Ken Hemphill. Academic chiefs had been stellar during Dilday and Hemphill administrations: John Newport, Bill Tolar, Scotty Gray. I also enjoyed wonderful friendships with education dean Daryl Eldridge and 3 stellar theology deans – Bruce Corley, Tommy Lea, and David Crutchley. The new president would be wise to look at the aforementioned names as he considers appointments in these crucial areas. I must also mention that Business VP Hubert Martin was a man of impeccable integrity who managed the school’s fiscal health with wisdom, vision, and unquestioned accountability to those whose giving helped SWBTS realize its vision.

  2. And by “aforementioned,” the implication is to find people with the character and integrity of those I have mentioned. There are others who deserve tribute who gave decades of unselfish service to our beloved school.

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