MERRITT: Don’t call it a comeback

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Religion writer Jonathan Merritt has published a new column in the Washington Post.  It’s definitely worth a read:

Disgraced Baptist leader body-shames a woman in his return to the pulpit
By Jonathan Merritt
The Washington Post
September 14, 2018

Don’t call it a comeback. Paige Patterson has been here for years.

After being fired in May from his post as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for a history of misogynistic comments and mishandling of sex abuse allegations, Patterson returned to the pulpit this week to offer a pair of sermons at a revival in Pisgah, Ala. But rather than offer a statement of humble contrition, the 75-year-old Southern Baptist leader body-shamed an unnamed woman and decried women who falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct.

In his first of two sermons, Patterson told a story of evangelizing a former church member’s mother whom he wanted to meet after being told she “could whip” him. Upon visiting her for the first time, his parishioner’s mother didn’t knock him out but, according to Patterson, “she filled the door.” After being invited into her home, Patterson said he was finally able to persuade the woman to convert to Christianity, and when she came to his church for baptism, he joked, they had to “fill the baptistery half full.”

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4 thoughts on “MERRITT: Don’t call it a comeback

  1. A couple of surprises in his article.

    1) You are apparently a member of the #MeToo movement.
    2) He preached in Alabama! If I’d known, I would have been there. Might even have had a thing or two to say.

  2. On second thought, I suppose it is a reflection on the level of discipleship in their church, that no one stopped him mid-rant, and called him out on any of several valid fronts.

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