Us versus them . . .

Vance Pitman is the pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas NV. He’s previously served as President of the 2011 Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference, a two-time member of the SBC Committee on Committees, and a participant in the recent MLK50 conference hosted by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and The Gospel Coalition.

Until last week, we had never met him and knew little of him, apart from the unfortunate circumstance of his church’s hosting the former president of Southwestern Seminary for a 2014 conference, the video recording of which went viral earlier this year.

Never given to superlatives, The Baptist Blogger urges our readers to hasten to listen to Vance Pitman’s Sept. 4 chapel sermon at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  It is truly one of the more responsible, creative, and compelling expositions of a New Testament narrative to be heard.  In essence, Pitman demonstrates how the church at Antioch — which he describes convincingly as the perhaps the most significant and influential church in the New Testament — is reported in the Acts of the Apostles without any reference to personalities.

It was a tremendously insightful message delivered to a congregation of students, professors, and guests who sat in rapt attention to its every point.

Check it out:

Vance Pitman – THEM – Acts 11:19-26 from Southeastern Seminary on Vimeo.


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