Chapel and research day…


This week we are on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Twenty-two years ago today, we were on this same campus as a 21-year old M.Div. student when Hurricane Fran struck the North Carolina coast, uprooting trees all over the campus, downing power lines, and generally making life miserable. The morning after, word spread on campus that Paige Patterson was still holding chapel and that classes would continue on schedule. Jerry Vines preached in a 90-something degree auditorium to students and faculty who looked like we were sitting in a sauna.

The Baptist Blogger wore a suit and tie.

Today, it is clear that the Wake Forest campus has survived both several hurricanes and the Patterson years. All glory, laud, honor and so forth.

Our research continues…

One thought on “Chapel and research day…

  1. Had my guys go and film the damage on campus. Copy is in the archives. You should see if they will let you copy the Patterson-Hauerwas debate. See if they will publish it to the web. Could you find out how far along the Schaeffer digitization is?

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