One home run and one strike . . .

This is quality stuff that the SWBTS constituency needs to see and hear more of:

This is the sort of thing that makes it hard to take SWBTS seriously:

It reminds us too much of this:

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 4.56.32 AM

And this:


And this:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.31.10 AM

And this:

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 3.40.37 PM

Can you see Al Mohler allowing the media whizkids at Southern Seminary put out something like the new SWBTS slo-mo video? It looks like something that belongs at Centrifuge and not a graduate school for ministry preparation and theological education.

More of this sort of stuff and the stained-glass windows will start to look like a good idea.

Get it together, SWBTS.  There are too many people pulling for you.

It’s almost like Paige Patterson never left campus.

Oh wait . . .

7 thoughts on “One home run and one strike . . .

  1. Agreed. The damage to the cause of the kingdom of Christ and the negative repercussions of the division that the Pattersons and the CR brought to Baptists will be felt for many years to come, sadly. And WHY is Paige and Dorothy still on campus? WHY?? Is Patterson suing SWBTs? Or the SBC? Southern Baptists need to know the TRUTH NOW.

  2. Jeff B talks like a nice guy. Makes a comforting video. The people need assurance. Upkeep requires it.

    SWBTS is not a train wreck, after all. Now it’s a clown school. Or a demolition training center. Was Patterson predestined to operate the wrecking ball?

    I have no confidence that the real SWBTS will be rebuilt after the debris field is shoveled off. Something will be rebuilt, but it won’t be SWBTS. No shortage of hubris nor best intentions. Nothing new.

    What was once a mighty training center for preachers and missionaries is dead. We missed the obit back there someplace in all the politics and convention hoopla. Deal with it quickly and move out and do what we claim we learned at the real SWBTS, before they took it down. The time is too short to fight over bricks and mortar and pianos. I don’t care if they let the bloomin’ scrolls blow away. In all of eternity, what would it matter? Retired preachers, get busy mentoring younger guys. Sell your clutter and head out to new areas and share what you know. Keep it simple. Make disciples. It’s time to move on. Just do it!!! There were good times while it lasted, but it was NEVER about SWBTS. Not then.

    1. In all of eternity, what matters is the heart of each person and whether their names are written in the Lamb’s book of life. Perhaps you are correct, CB. Truly the most loving, Spirit-filled, scripturally sound preachers/ministers that I have known in my nearly 7 decades of life have NOT BEEN seminary trained.
      They were trained by the Holy Spirit of God, and in and through the Ord of God, just as we’re the disciples and Paul and early church founders. Many were bi-vocational and many were female. TRUTH. They did not aspire to be CEOs of mega churches or “Senior Pastors”, JUST TO LOVE AND SERVE Christ and his people.
      The “professional paid clergy” too often, are full of the politics of that world.
      Jesus did not found that worldly institution or ANY denomination. He said that Christians would be known by their selfless love for one another.
      At least Jeff Bingham preached self-denial and the message of servanthood as ministerial responsibility. There are some at SWBTS that desire to live the Christlike life. But, let us see if they practice what is preached or if they are corrupted by that system still in place. Time will tell.

  3. I am praying fervently for the presidential search committee. I am praying that they will select a wise, seasoned, disciplined, balanced person who will lead in the rebuilding of the seminary . . . someone on the order of Ken Hemphill, whom God used to save the seminary in the aftermath of the Dilday firing. I hope that the search committee will not decide to choose some young person with limited experience in order to “relate to the millennials.” We need a true, proven statesman for such a time as this. I am praying for the committee, because I’m afraid they’ve got only one chance to get this right.

  4. I find it fascinating that the Fundys had Hemphill removed from SWBTS at one point and then turn around and have him run for SBC Prez in 18

    I guess time changes things

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