The Baptist Blogger got in an hour or so of reading between meetings on Southwestern’s campus today.

“In the course of his report to the alumni, Dilday gave his assessment of the financial condition of the institution. He particularly noted a $250,000 revenue decline for the seminary and then pointed out, ‘Donors, reluctant to invest in the seminary during these tense days, are changing their wills, placing revocable clauses in their trusts, shifting donations to non-convention institutions, etc.” One wonders, looking back, if Dilday had any influence on the decline of Southwestern’s donor base.”


“On October 25, 1993, Russell Dilday preached to the Baptist General Convention of Texas a message entitled ‘The Family of Faith.’ In his message, he stated: ‘Let’s give up some of our grandiose schemes and repent of unlovely denominational triumphalism and get back to a plain and simple concentration on missions and evangelism. Let’s get back to basics, saying with Paul, ‘This one thing I do.’  Then our critics will have no ammunition with which to ridicule us except to say, ‘They are one-sided in their desire to win the world to Christ.’”

(All quotes taken from The Baptist Reformation by Jerry Sutton, pg 377.)

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