Travel day…


Today we begin a 14-day travel schedule that will take us to the campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, The Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives in Nashville, the trustee meeting at Lifeway Christian Resources, to Southwest Florida for some rest and relaxation (and voting in our home precinct), and then to Wake Forest, NC for more research on our forthcoming monograph.

Tomorrow morning  we will publish the next part of our multi-part series on SWBTS reform, followed in coming days with reflections on the Fort Worth community as it enters a promising post-Patterson era.

We will be posting pictures of as many Steinway pianos, Dead Sea Fakes, and chapel windows as we see along the way.

We are hoping Southwestern’s interim president will scrap the  silly cowboy hat for convocation.

UPDATE: We have just made a quick visit to campus. As of this moment, all of the “prospective student” parking spaces are empty.


UPDATE TWO: We have been informed that SWBTS Provost Craig Blaising notified faculty last week that they were required to wear cowboy hats at convocation. More on this later . . .

8 thoughts on “Travel day…

  1. Safe travels, BB. Maybe you can give us an update on the progress at Hacienda del Pastor while documenting pianos, scrolls, etc.

  2. Why is the silence so deafening regarding the disgraced Paige Patterson and his removal from SWBTS campus? It is the concern and business of every member of an SBC church who is carrying his bills. Why the lack of transparency in this and other SBC matters? In the secular business world, entities must report all financial and other matters quarterly to their shareholders. Surely Christians should have nothing to hide.

  3. My graduation class was the first where the profs wore the silly cowboy hats. My pastor who is very conservative & even preached in SWBTS chapel a fee years ago thought it was a bad idea because “it took away from the students.” In my 4 years there under PP, the students were the last thought…

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