ARCHIVES: The Hunt for Liberals

Paige Patterson participated in a film in the late 1990s that explored a number of issues related to the Southern Baptist Convention.  At one point in the film, Patterson expressed the satisfaction he would sense if some professors teaching in SBC seminaries would no longer be associated with the schools.

The video includes a brief interview with former SWBTS President Russell Dilday, and another with the late Dr. William Hendricks.  A former student of Hendricks, Dr. R. Albert Mohler, once credited Hendricks as “awakening” in him a “desire to be a theologian.”

Full disclosure: The Baptist Blogger also participated in the film, and both cringes and laughs at many of the clips that include his formerly fundamentalist 23-year-old self.


3 thoughts on “ARCHIVES: The Hunt for Liberals

  1. IMO Patterson did not need to look for liberals. He should have just looked in the mirror to see one of the biggest liberals of all time. He and other like hims destroyed the SBC by destroying the lives of people that were thankfully not like them.

    1. Will:

      If they are someone should get them out IMO. PP would never allow someone else on campus to do this.

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