18 thoughts on “We are not dead . . .

  1. Was wondering….thought you were just building suspense. Been reading some interesting “relevant developments” about Paige Patterson still at Pecan Manor on twitter…. hope you can shed some light on this ridiculous possibility. Do the SWBTS trustees just lack the courage to insist on him leaving….hearing lots of rumbling and concern.

      1. Was sent a notice yesterday of a free give away of “household items” at Pecan Manor…. then this a few hours later:

        SWBTS Fort Worth Community,

        My apologies, this free giveaway has been CANCELLED.

        We no longer have any items to give away.

        I apologize for the inconvenience please refrain from visiting Pecan Manor and asking about this giveaway.

        Thank you,

        Mr. Shelby Yanaga
        Director Pecan Manor

      2. Why does Pecan Manor require a Director? Is that like a butler or what? I thought that Dorothy taught Homemaking? Surely she does not need a Director for her home that she is making for two people?

  2. Perhaps they were picking up boxes of SEBTS property: Presidential archive documents and the $150,000 of furnishings that the Pattersons took from the SEBTS President’s house when they moved to SWBTS.

  3. I just noticed on Twitter that another dean is on the way out, this time from the Harvard school.

  4. I look forward to your posts. I sincerely hope the Pattersons are moved out by the start of the fall semester. Why doesn’t Gary Loveless pay for the move and buy them a new house instead of extorting SWBTS?

  5. Ok, new “interim” deans in 3 schools at SWBTS have been announced….what are the other “relevant developments”? What is your view of these appointments? When is Patterson leaving Pecan Manor? How much are they giving this man to go? Will he leave SWBTS in peace?

  6. OK … this had better be good (but, really, when have we seen anything other than good from the Colester?)

  7. Meanwhile, in related news, today’s Lebanon (Indiana) Reporter news site had a link to a Youtube video titled “Paige Patterson speaks out about a 16 year old girl”.

    THe news dies hard all over, it seems.

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