Where the sun don’t shine . . .


Wade Burleson has posted one of the more well-documented responses to the now-infamous Loveless Letter.  Former SWBTS Trustee and all-around financier of Pattersonian extravagancies, Houston’s Gary Loveless, has enlisted the backing of a dozen other seminary donors to extort the institution and have the First Couple restored to their former glory.

Or at the least to their $2.5 million retirement home, formerly known as La Hacienda del Pastor.

In their defense of the Doctors Patterson and attack on the trustee executive committee, these wealthy men and women appear to have gained access to confidential student records and shared them in a potentially criminal, but certainly imprudent manner. Whether or not Loveless had prior access to this information because of his trustee responsibilities is unclear. His unlawful possession of them is one thing.

His dissemination of these records is another and could expose the letter’s signatories and the seminary to litigation.

And if we are to take Loveless’s word for it, there’s a lot of gold in them there hills.

Perhaps someone with access to Patterson’s files duplicated the documents and disseminated excerpts to loyalists far and wide. If that person were a seminary employee and used a seminary email account or other official information technologies, it could be a matter of days before Interim President Jeffrey Bingham gets to the bottom of the privacy breach.

The Baptist Blogger will post Part Three of our Agenda for Seminary Reform this weekend.  For now, we direct our readers to the very important questions that Wade Burleson is asking.

Click here to read Burleson’s comments.

And just for fun, click here to read the letter that a Louisiana pastor and frequent SWBTS chapel speaker sent to the trustees asking for the Pattersons to be allowed to “transition with dignity.”

Dignity, young pastor, absconded the moment your mentor started “breaking down” rape victims.  And who signs “Dr.” with their name anyway?

Not even my doctor does that.