What $90K can buy . . .

shelves IMG_8738-2 patterson

Paige Patterson not only commissioned a stained glass window in his own honor for Southwestern Seminary’s chapel, he’s also had not one, but two $90K portraits of himself commissioned for both Southeastern and Southwestern Seminaries.  Best we can tell, though, the Southeastern portrait may have only cost $69K.

What a bargain, right?

Southern Seminary’s Al Mohler also had a portrait done by renowned artist Daniel Greene, as did the Executive Committee Ambassador-at-Large and former Lifeway President Jimmy Draper.  Of course, the Mohler and Draper portraits are far less cluttered with background details (which translates to higher costs). Neither man had a dog or President George H.W. Bush painted into the final work.

The Baptist Blogger has been trying to find out whether Greene was commissioned for portraits of Southwestern’s erstwhile First Lady, but so far as well can tell, the artist was not commissioned to paint the Behatted One.

He does, however, paint female subjects.  We are fairly certain these works will not be gracing the walls of Southern Baptist seminary chapels or presidential suites any day soon.

One question remains: When will Johnny Hunt, Ronnie Floyd, Chuck Kelley, Gary and Tammi Ledbetter, John Yeats, Jay Strack, O.S. Hawkins, Morris Chapman, Jimmy Draper, Jerry Vines, Charles Stanley, Harold O’Chester, Rick Warren, Ed Young, Frank Page, Gerald Harris, Jim Richards, Tommy French, Bill Harrell, Richard Land, and SBC Parliamentarian Barry McCarty request Southwestern Seminary to take down their stained glass windows?

I mean, who ever thought this was a good idea?  Other than Paige and Dorothy, of course?