2 thoughts on “Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

    1. It’s hard to”ride off into the sunset…” when your lawyer is still fighting to get you a high dollar pension, a 15,000sf retirement home (of course the”official” residence is only a 3000sf one bedroom apartment), and personal aides and attendants. All, of course on the seminary’s, and ultimately the convention’s dime. Wonder how many lost could be reached if the wealth poured into one man was actually used to reach the lost? How much evangelism money was diverted to the new $36,000,000 chapel or the new $30,000,000+ building (of course but at a time when the school couldn’t even fill the classrooms it currently has, this creating more empty space), or the new $2,500,000+ retirement home.

      If he is truly concerned about the lost, his concern falls short of his desire to build his own kingdom.

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