Some lawyers aren’t very sharp


Mark us down in the “unimpressed” column, but Paige Patterson’s lawyer might need some remedial courses in legal ethics. He certainly needs to be a little more careful.

In today’s edition of Baptist Press, Shelby Sharpe (1) divulges even more personal information about a rape victim and (2) attempts to explain how he only talks to Paige Patterson “on legal matters” while simultaneously releasing information “not as his lawyer” but “as a person.”

Well now that we have the issue of his “personhood” cleared up.  That, and the fact that he still uses an AOL account.

Nevertheless, Sharpe continued his rambling peroration — whether ex parte or pro se, we can’t be sure — by informing us that the Pattersons are “in the process” of moving out of the seminary’s presidential home and “under negotiation” with the seminary about his severance. We’re hoping he gets to keep Dottie’s Magic beans.  They aren’t really of value to the school anyway.

And it will be interesting to see how much the Patterson “move out” will cost Southwestern in replacement furniture and cars giveaways.

What strikes us as most odd is that Sharpe, who represents Paige Patterson except when he’s not, still publicly claims Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as a “representative client.”  It’s also interesting to learn about Shelby Sharpe’s connection with Christian Reconstructionism, his views on sharia law, and his apparent history of client-shopping in wrongful termination lawsuits.

Developing . . .



One thought on “Some lawyers aren’t very sharp

  1. Based on personal knowledge, Shelby Sharpe, Esq., has preached in Chapel at SWBTS more times since 2004 than Rev. Dwight McKissic.

    And speaking of lawyers, it will be interesting to see how Paige Patterson’s separation from the seminary will play out in his legal representation by Brad Dowell, Esq. and Mark Lanier, Esq., in the Duane Rollins lawsuit. They represent not only SWBTS in that lawsuit, but Paige Patterson, too. I wonder whether SWBTS has been paying for his legal fees. And if so, I wonder whether SWBTS will continue to do so. It’s going to be an expensive defense for Patterson; IMHO, even more expensive for Patterson, the individual, than “SWBTS” the organization.

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