RECAP: Baptist Blogger Archives

Today we decided to look back over the past four months and see what files from the Baptist Blogger archives have been the “most accessed.”  In order of their popularity, here are the top ten:

10. Minutes of February 2, 2015 meeting of SWBTS School of Theology
9.  Evidence of seminary funds used to pay Paige Patterson’s taxidermy bill.
8.  Text of 2001 paper on “The Future of the Southern Baptist Convention.”
7.  Audio recording of Paige Patterson telling abused woman to “submit” to abuser.
6.  Receipt detailing $39K in replacement furnishings needed for Magnolia Hill
5.  Lawsuit against Paige and Dorothy Patterson alleging elder abuse and theft
4.  Front and back cover of 2001 paper submitted to Paige Patterson.
3.  Transaction report of $98K to re-furnish Magnolia Hill after Patterson departure.
2.  Article about SWBTS faculty resolutions supporting Russell Dilday.
1.  Email from SWBTS Professor to SWBTS Veep about missing funds.