Preview on a fortnight


In two weeks, Southern Baptists will have descended on Dallas in preparation for the annual meeting scheduled to begin at 8:15AM on Tuesday morning, June 12. In the coming days, there will be lots of talk about potential motions from the floor, resolutions proffered by this or that messenger, and growing speculation about whether this year sets a new course for the future of the SBC.

Already there are lots of questions.

Like whether SBC President Steve Gaines will be able to avoid an awkward photo-op Sunday morning, June 10th at Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth during the handoff from SWBTS theologian-in-residence Paige Patterson.

Or whether the Interim First Lady of Southwestern will replace the First Lady Emerita as the emcee for Tea at 3, the seminary’s mentoring program hosted during the annual meeting.

Actually, nobody has been asking that last question. I just like to bring it up.

In the coming days, The Baptist Blogger will be posting on a few fronts:

  1. We will be posting the text of motions we’ve helped craft for messengers to offer on the floor of the annual convention. These motions deal with everything from convention bylaws to the proposed order of business and SBC entity reports. To put it bluntly, we’re laying our cards on the table.
  2. We will be publishing a series of letters pertaining to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary that have come into our possession.
  3. We will be providing links to relevant archived material that promises perspective and contextualization for present developments across the SBC.
  4. We will be publishing interviews we conducted with two prominent Baptist leaders.

Stay tuned . . .


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