BREAKING NEWS: Video footage of SWBTS Trustee Executive Session


(11:53:00 AM ET)
The Baptist Blogger has received excerpted video footage that appears to be a portion of the executive session of the Southwestern Seminary trustee meeting held on May 22, 2018, in the Fort Worth campus’s Riley Center.  During that meeting, trustees met behind closed doors to discuss the possible termination of Paige Patterson and other matters related to the school’s precipitous decline and financial disarray.  Patterson was present for only a portion of the meeting.

As you may have read, one seminary trustee attended the meeting via video conferencing that utilized the seminary’s WiFi to transmit the proceedings over public, non-secure Internet bandwidth. It is unknown, at this time, if an official recording of the meeting was made.

Our legal team is presently evaluating the lawfulness of releasing the captured video, and our videographers are rendering it for publication. We expect to have it ready to publish within the hour.

UPDATE (01:03:00 PM ET)

We are still waiting on our legal team to render an opinion before publication. The Baptist Blogger is committed to the principle of transparency for SBC institutions, agencies, and boards. Our counsel is reviewing all appropriate statutes that govern meetings of non-profit corporations in the State of Texas before we publish the video recording.

UPDATE (01:27:00 PM ET)

Southwestern Seminary has lawyered up. We have just received the following email from a lawyer named Michael Anderson with the firm Kelly, Hart, & Hallman.  According to the firm’s website, Mr. Anderson is a Texas “Super Lawyer” whose clients include the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth in a sexual misconduct allegation. That case was dismissed.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 1.18.54 PM


We have determined to release the video and let the chips fall where they may. After conversation with our counsel, we are satisfied to have determined the lengths to which Southwestern Seminary is willing to go to keep secrets. But transparency is a greater concern to Baptists in these days than threats of legal action. #pwnd

13 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Video footage of SWBTS Trustee Executive Session

  1. If I understand Paige Patterson’s theology correctly, the entire board should be disqualified from service for speaking in an unknown tongue.

  2. I don’t wanna have to do it, but I must confess I think I busted a gut laughing on this one.

    Who’s paying for x-rays?

  3. Guess you don’t have that legal team you speak of, after all! Nice spoof! If I am correct… and I am… Patterson was just preaching what you Southern Baptists believe to be “GOD’S Truth.” I do believe Patterson was instrumental in the both the 1998 Convention… that woman MUST SUBMIT to their husbands. He was also in agreement in 2000 when the SBC passed rules to prevent woman as serving any meaningful role, such as a Pastor but you dear sweet men do encourage the SERVICE of women in all aspects of CHURCH LIFE AND WORK… other than pastoral functions and LEADERSHIP roles entailing ordination! Now… i will give you “men” credit… you found two verses in Ephesians to support your bullshit! Southern Baptist are outliers and NOT IN A GOOD WAY… your church maybe the only major US Protestant demoninations that do not allow woman to share their wisdom and knowledge of God’s Holy word thru pastoral ordination….. let’s see… of the major US religions… those that are akin to you in this likeship are…
    Jewish Orthodox
    LDS (Mormon)
    Missouri Synod Lutheran Church
    Orthodox Church of America
    and the
    Roman Catholic Church.

    My point is this… Southwest Baptist Seminary is not the issue… it’s the doctrinal and mysogny beliefs of The Southern Bapsist Convention.

    1. The issue, Melissa, is that the Church has received the apostolic mandate through the work of the Holy Spirit that has been set down in Scripture and handed down to us through the centuries. True Christians earnestly seek to understand those mandates and live them to the best of their ability. Male leadership is one of those mandates. Modern pagan feminism has no place in the Christian church. If you don’t like that, then there are other religions out there that may better suit your personal tastes and preferences. They all lead to eternal judgment but hey, at least women are allowed to do as they please without any authority over them whatsoever. Enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t.

      1. I’m the furthest thing from from a modern pagan feminist! Oh… these are mandates from the Holy Spitit…true Christians understand this? You, Southern Baptists, last I checked do not and will never hold a monopoly on Christianity… much less the teachings and beliefs of the vast majority of other Christians churches. You are deluded and uneducated if what you have written is truly what you believe! Now….what you boys are great at is seeking out certain biblical scripture, calling them “mandates”…and manipulate them in an attempt to serve who you really worship… which is the self… not our Heavenly Father. Southern Baptist’s strong suits have never been following scripture that has been the workings of the Holy Spirit that resides in all of Mankind. Nice try though!

      2. You need to spend some time realling reading you Bible instead of prood texting! You are the problem!

    1. Why. yes I did Mr. Anonymous! I have to have a BS in Nursing and a minor in ENGLISH from TCU. Which is a Christian University, which is affiliated with the Disciples of Christ Church dating back to its founding in 1873. The church I was raised in half of my life and which have always displayed exemplary examples of the importance of women within their congregations both on the pulpit and in the establishment of their doctrines. Umm… is Bahahaha correct English?? There was absolutely not substinive argument in your response to my initial post! I’d identify myself as anonymous too if questioning my grammar was the only thing you could come up with! I bet, in the unlikely chance, that you were married you’d pull the same bullshit on her by insulting her when she does not obey and dares disagree with you! Ya pig!🐷🐷

    2. I certainly hope this is not the same Mr Anonoymous that asked “attended English class much? Bahahaha!!! What a joke.”.. if so i should be the one asking that question. “You need to spend time REALLING reading YOU bible instead of PROOD testing! You are the the problem.” AM I? I read my bible in its entirety… not just particular passages that happens to serve an agenda that is to my liking.

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