The day the Anabaptists took over


A perverse, extreme, and apocalyptic sectarian ecclesiology has gripped the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention. It has done so by design, and the results are manifest on the campus of what used to be the “world’s largest seminary.”

Today, in Fort Worth, Southern Baptists and the watching world behold the necessary outworking of Paige and Dorothy Pattersons bizarre, eccentric theological programme for Anabaptist recovery. Students of history are not surprised. The fervor with which Pattersonian loyalists invite — dare we say demand — the sacrifice of Christian virtue on the altar of the Pattersons’ violent anthropology demands correction, both public and stern.  But are the seminary trustees discerning enough to assess what they have wrought, and are they courageous enough to stop it?

So take some time today, after your women and wives have purified themselves from their postlapsarian uncleanness, to read this little bit of history.

3 thoughts on “The day the Anabaptists took over

  1. OK, Now that was interesting. Of course if I remember correctly some of that crowd love to look at Anabaptist as their hero’s. That would include the MBB brothers ( HA! ) , one who resides in GA right now. Wonder if this part of anabaptist history is one they claim. Afraid to ask.

  2. The information you cite is playing a little fast and lose with the facts. Munster was already in an Anabaptist reformation when Jan of Leiden and Jan Matthy came to the city and took the movement WAY beyond Anabaptism.
    Blaming Anabaptists for Munster is like blaming Methodists for Jonestown….

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