The chapel tape Paige Patterson didn’t want you to see


“Divers weights, and divers measures, both of them are alike abomination to the Lord,” — Proverbs 20:10

Southwestern Seminary IT personnel have been busy scrubbing their digital archives in recent days. Nevertheless, the Baptist Blogger has already harvested terabytes of cloud data from the institution thanks to the help of Southwestern whistleblowers both on and off campus.

In September 2014, Paige Patterson used the seminary chapel service to address some controversial issues. Among them was his opposition to departing IMB President David Platt.  But before he told the students what he really thought about Platt, he told them he didn’t want anybody to Tweet what he said.

Watch the video, which is not published on the seminary’s website and currently unlisted on the seminary’s official YouTube channel, and hear for yourself how Paige Patterson talks about his colleagues and counterparts in the Southern Baptist Convention:


11 thoughts on “The chapel tape Paige Patterson didn’t want you to see

  1. I’m not sure why Dr. Patterson, or you, would not want this to be scene. My wife and I watched it. We viewed it as informative and not at all that biased. As a matter of fact, we viewed more as a responsibility on our part to be on our knees praying for Dr. Platt. Loved Dr. P’s assessment that (at the time) Dr. Platt was the most important President of any entity in the world. He was correct.

    Not sure if this video is the one to show if your intent is to hurry Dr. P’s transition into retirement. On the contrary, it was really very neutral as to the idea of harming Platt.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Amen!! Not sure of the intentions nor value behind many of these “Baptist Blogger” posts…

  2. RE: the second video. One has to wonder, if given the choice would Dorothy Patterson rather sit under a 1) male Hebrew professor that’s incompetent and unjust, or 2) a female Hebrew professor that’s excellent and just.

    1. Not so superb, actually. This is a false dilemma, limiting the options to only two when there are more options from which to choose — unless, of course, the only Hebrew professors in existence are males who are incompetent and unjust, or females who are excellent and just.

  3. I think the intention is pretty clear. Paige recently fired someone for reposting a tweet that was critical of him, saying that it was indiscreet and that the young man didn’t respect those in authority. However, he is openly critical of other leaders. He fired Klouda because he believes a woman shouldn’t teach Hebrew. Yet he whines about his wife receiving a B in a class in which she “taught Hebrew” to men.

    It clearly illustrates his Hypocrisy. What’s not to get?

    1. Thank you for your perspective on the video. I guess it just goes to show how differently two people can view one thing. With that being said, we have much to think about in our SBC.

  4. Folks, are you missing what BB is pointing to? “Thanks to the help of Southwestern whistleblowers both on and off campus.” THESE ARR FOLKS WHO HAVE BEEN UNDER PAIGE (& some still are) & they KNOW his corruption, hypocrisy, & devious ways. Whistleblowers leak this because they are tired of those who get away with injustices & hypocrisy. Keep this coming. I’ll in Dallad next month ready to vote against PP preaching (if he hasn’t been fired before then) & I will walk out if he does preach.

  5. I was appalled when I first heard that PP was making chapel a required attendance for grad students. These students have committed their lives to Christian service. For Patterson to decide they SHOULD be in chapel is pure hubris. They are typically balancing studies, work, church, and family. Who is he to take an hour out of their day that might be better spent writing a paper, studying for an exam, or preparing a Sunday school lesson or sermon?

    Then to consider that they are required to sit through THIS? Pathetic!

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