Tea Talks with Dottie P: The Builder President

Our sincere apologies, ladies. We are a little late for tea time today, but we have a very special guest.  In today’s episode of “Tea Talks with Dottie P,” we welcome Big Daddy, who’s going to tell us how his own presidency compares to that of Dr. Robert Naylor (student population: 4,145 upon retirement). No wonder they called him “The Builder President.”

So pour yourself some fresh Darjeeling, spread the Devon cream or whipped butter* on your scones, and enjoy our little chat this afternoon. Maybe together we can think of a lasting moniker for the Patterson era at Southwestern since “Builder President” is already taken.

*Disclaimer: The butter was not violently whipped, only non-injuriously.

One thought on “Tea Talks with Dottie P: The Builder President

  1. PP referring to a past president’s building detail as “austentacious”? He’s the one with the hubris to upstage the dome on Scarborough by making the tower on the chapel taller.

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