Perjure Patterson?


UPDATE: Did Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson lie under oath? If so, it could be relevant in pending litigation before the 127th Judicial Court of Harris County.

On February 25, 2008, Paige Patterson was deposed in the matter of Klouda v. Southwestern Seminary. While refusing to swear an “oath,” he pledged to “tell the truth and nothing but the truth.” (pg. 6)

In that deposition, the following discussion took place:

QUESTION: “[Joel Gregory] says in his book that you were actually terminated at Criswell College, and then that was withdrawn and you were given the opportunity to go to Southeast (sic); would that be correct?”

PATTERSON: “Not entirely, no.”

QUESTION: “And how would it not be entirely correct?”

PATTERSON: “The trustees actually offered me a second position as vice chancellor or assistant chancellor, I do not recall the exact terminology they used. And asked me to accept that position, which I declined. And after that, they re-extended me the opportunity to continue as president, but Southeastern made the offer and I went there.” (p. 10)

Nearly 10 years later, on November 11, 2017, Patterson was again asked about his transition from the presidency of the Criswell College to the presidency of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.  On that occasion, Patterson responded:

PATTERSON: I was twice considered for president of Golden Gate seminary, now Gateway, both times passed over.  And twice considered for president of Southeastern. The first time I was glad that I wasn’t chosen because Dr. [Randall] Lolley had just left and I was very happy at the Criswell College, but unfortunately Louie Drummond, who was chosen, developed cancer and so he was only able to give four years there. And so when he rotated off, or when he left the presidency there and retired, then the committee came back to me again. And uh . . .

And uh . . .

Of course, I had been terminated at the Criswell College. Um.

And then they had . . . had second thoughts about that and had re-hired me.

Although I already knew, you know, that you don’t need to stay when the trustees are not in favor of you.”

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