On the matter of women teaching men

As of this post’s publication, more than 1480 women have signed a thoughtful, open letter to the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Side note: SBC Bylaws provide that the President of the Convention — in this case, Steve Gaines of Memphis, TN — is an ex-officio, voting member of every trustee board in the convention.

You really can’t miss the irony here.

Paige Patterson, who does not believe the Bible allows women to teach men — is about to be taught a lesson, not by a single woman but by thousands.  In the end, it may be that he is forced to follow the advice he’s been giving abused women for years.

It’s time for him to “graciously submit” his resignation.

Final thought:  If Paige Patterson had a jackhammer and a couple sticks of dynamite and was going all over the campus of Southwestern Seminary tearing down structures and permanently marring the face of the school, would trustees allow him to keep blowing things up for 2 weeks while they wait to have a meeting?

They locked the doors on Russell Dilday. Enrollment that day was over 4,000 students.

At the very least, until this matter is resolved, the trustee chairman should place Patterson on an immediate leave of absence while they investigate.



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