Man is she built, Pt. 2

In 2010, Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson preached a sermon at Truett-McConnell College where his former student — and the current chairman of the SBC Committee on Committees Emir Caner — serves as president.

In that sermon to college students, Patterson goes even further than he did at his AWAKEN 2014 conference sermon.

Knowing that the sermon will likely be removed from YouTube, much like it has been scrubbed from the Truett McConnell website, I have provided an audio link.  Here is the transcript:

Now I get in a lot of trouble as some of you know. And it’s not unusual at the close of a service like this for me to have a line waiting for me. And generally, they are women. And usually they are angry. And often times they are pretty shrill.

And I had that happen one place down in Florida, as a matter of fact.  And a woman was standing there correcting all my theology, all my life, and everything I ever thought. She was after me.

Standing beside her was her 15-year old son, who was humiliated by what his mother was doing. He was looking at his shoes and you could tell he was thinking ‘Maybe if I think hard enough I won’t be here.” So it was very embarrassing to him and I was just saying yes ma’am.  And next to him was a friend who was also embarrassed.

But about that time a very attractive young co-ed walked past. Now let me say she was young. But uhhh, how shall I put this?

Uh. She was all there.

And as she walked past, this young fellow thinking that his mother was too involved to hear turned to his friend, and he said, “Man, is she built.”

Now when he said that, she heard him. She wheeled around in mid-sentence, slapped a hand over his mouth, and loosened a number of his teeth. And said, ‘Young man, don’t you ever let me hear anything like that out of your mouth again.”

I saw my opportunity. I said, ‘Ma’am, leave that boy alone. He’s just being biblical.’
That’s what it says right here. God built her and brought her to Adam.

So I won my argument right there.

3 thoughts on “Man is she built, Pt. 2

  1. Someon ought to find the long lost chapel where the local dung pastor cussed and used racial slurs against Germans while quoting Patton. Unfortunately it has been stricken from the archives.

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