The first order of business in Dallas


Southern Baptists will descend on Dallas, TX, for their annual meeting June 12-13. According to the published order of business, the first order of business for the Committee on Order of Business occurs at 8:38 A.M on Tuesday morning.

At that time, messengers will be asked to “adopt” the convention schedule, which includes a proposed item at 9:55 A.M. on Wednesday.  This scheduled item is the annual convention sermon. The elected sermon preacher is Paige Patterson, who doesn’t really want you to beat your wife and doesn’t really think it’s ok to sexualize and objectify teenage girls.

Southern Baptists will have a decision to make. Will they vote to approve a schedule that includes Paige Patterson as the convention sermon preacher, or will they amend the proposed schedule by a majority vote to allow the alternate convention preacher, Kie Bowman of Austin, TX (who is incidentally a Southwestern Seminary trustee), to give the address.

A motion to amend the proposed agenda is in order.

A simple majority can adopt an order of business.

Barry McCarty, a professor at Southwestern Seminary, is the convention parliamentarian.

A ballot vote can be ordered.

I can assure you, such a motion will be made. And it will be forced to a vote.

And Southern Baptists will kick off their annual meeting either approving of a man whose history of comments about women and abuse are repugnant.

Which means, Southern Baptists will be seen as affirming those comments, or rejecting them.

And all of this will be the very first thing messengers are asked to decide in Dallas.

You can put money on it.


4 thoughts on “The first order of business in Dallas

  1. I hope that I am wrong. But there is no way Patterson will be removed as the Speaker at the SBC Convention. He will definitely IMO be given a mulligan.

  2. Another watershed moment. Not just the sermon, not just the preacher. The ONLY thing of any importance will be God’s reaction to what happens there.

    The messengers will either decide what God has spoken is most important, or they can decide to give in to comfort and their own desire to avoid stress.

    It’s perhaps the SBC’s ability to foster the kind of “zoe” life, that kind Jesus came and died so we might have, in its membership, that is at stake.

    I think I wish I could be there.

  3. Thank you BB for your commitment to exposing the truth. You are the reason the hot topic of conversation in the press & on social media is taking place. I will be in Dallas for the convention & I will be voting to hear the alternate speaker preach.

  4. One other thing I find ironic is the opening picture of all the people supporting whatever is being voted on. Sadly in the SBC, people will vote yes or no depending which way the wind is blowing and the vote is unanimous.

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